Ever wondered what is there at the end of the galaxy? Is there an end to the galaxy? What happens once you fly to the end of it? Well, here is a game to not only stimulate a brain, but also show you the truth of the universe.
This game is not only just about frying aliens in their ships and faces, but also about strategy, trading,  physics and learning. Everything in game will be calculated according to the best of our physics knowledge. For example, when a nuke blows up, we shall calculate energy as mass  multiplied by speed of light squared and add one half  of it's mass times its velocity squared. E=m0c^2+1/2m0v^2.
            As for now, we are just making this game. It shall be a game where you are offered freedom. But, we are redefining freedom: you are not limited to the ship. The main focus will still be on the space ship, flying it, fighting other ships and killing pirated. But, you will also have to trade, and step to space stations for that.
            Now, here is the thing. This game is being developed by 2 people. Please feel free to join in. We need modelers, sound guru's, more coders, artists,  testers and level designers. Please email me at shadowp@gmail.com, or join the project at our homepage in sourceforge.
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